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 Royal Yachting Association (RYA)


Crosby Marina Club is a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) accredited sailing academy which offers many varied sailing experiences to all members. Whether a member wants to race or simply sail around the lake, our instructor team will be on hand to ensure that they are able to do it safely and (equally importantly!) enjoy themselves.

Sailing sessions run from midday until about half past four on Sunday afternoons during the sailing season (February to October). We currently intend to use the off-season for instructor training/development but if there is sufficient interest from members, we may decide to continue sessions as normal through this period.


Internationally Recognised Qualifications

Our instructors are RYA-accredited and we are able to train members through various qualifications at no additional cost above that of basic membership. Qualifications that we are currently licenced to issue are:

  • Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 1
  • Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 2
  • Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 3
    Youth Sailing Scheme - Start Sailing Stage 4
  • Dinghy Level 1 - Start Sailing
  • Dinghy Level 2 - Basic Skills
  • Dinghy Seamanship Skills
  • Dinghy Sailing with Spinnakers


We are also able to offer coaching in other areas of sailing such as racing and advanced dinghy handling so please speak to an instructor if you are interested!


Our Fleet

We have a variety of sailing dinghies which will cater for all tastes and skill levels from small, stable training boats to advanced racing boats. We encourage all members to try all of our boats to ensure that they get as varied an experience as possible. New boats are paid for by grant money and in the run-up to a grant application, we will consult with our members to find out what new boats they would like to see added to our fleet.


Weather Conditions

As with all outdoor activities, sailing is strongly weather dependent – we run sessions in rain, snow or sun but it is the wind that ultimately determines what activities we are able to safely offer. Our Facebook page will be updated prior to the sailing session every Sunday to inform members about what our plans are. For those without Facebook, the front page of this website will show the same information.

If the wind is too strong to go sailing, we will always endeavour to lay on activities for members. This may be classroom training sessions (which all members need to complete for their RYA qualifications) or on-the-water activities that keep members safely close to the shore and don’t involve sails.

In some situations, we may allow more experienced members to go sailing when we keep more junior members off the water. This is a decision made on safety grounds and should never be seen as unfair. Depending on how the senior members fare on the water, they will be requested to take junior members out sailing.

Instructors and Contact

The club is also heavily reliant on additional adult helpers who can watch the clubroom while instructors are running sessions. If you are able to help out, please let us know (there is no offer too small!) We are committed to offering training to all adult helpers who contribute regularly so if you want to learn how to sail (or refresh old skills), we will train you. If you want to become a sailing instructor, the club will offer the training and provide the funding.

For all sailing enquiries please email


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